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Empowering the lives of children and youth through the transformative power of music


Our reason to be

With the discipline of music, we cultivate the emotional intelligence of children and young people living in vulnerable communities in the Metropolitan Area of Medellin.

We seek to nurture their mentality, encourage their transition to higher education and access to decent job opportunities that can contribute to their social, cultural and economic inclusion.

This is how we live
our purpose

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Our educational philosophy

Amadeus' educational model is designed to strengthen students' emotional intelligence, mental health, leadership and social participation through the development of projects and the formation of musical groups that allow them to make a positive contribution to their communities.


Our History

Our best composition:
35 years ago, our genuine vocation to serve others led us to cultivate the spirit and genius hidden in every human being through music, igniting, with love, the inner strength of those who need it most.


Our Founder

Juan Guillermo Ocampo Gómez:
Juangui, Musician and Social Entrepreneur is the founder of the Amadeus Organization, creator of the Red de Escuelas de Música de Medellín program and the first Symphonic Orchestra Program for Children and Youth of Medellín.



Juan G. Ocampo
Founded Director

Daniela Ocampo
Creative and Social Impact Director - Graduated

Mauricio Ruiz



We are a young, vibrant and sonorous experience. We generate memorable, magical and fun encounters between children, young people and music so that through it they can discover their own greatness.

Our genuine vocation to serve others has led us to cultivate the spirit and the genius hidden in every human being, igniting with love, the powerful inner strength of those who need it most.

Music is a world within ourselves, the language that unites us, the breath that encourages us, the sound that leads us, the peace that embodies us, the joy that summons us.

With music we have traced new paths, we have traveled, we have conquered unimaginable universes, we have loved, we have grown, we have happened.

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