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Musical Model



What is it about?

We implement our model in educational institutions and social organizations, combining the educational philosophy of Amadeus with various musical education methodologies. We achieve artistic results in a short time without having to wait years of practice, challenging the norms of traditional music schools.


How do we implement it?

We combine play, the promotion of emotional well-being and music in the same model to cultivate creativity, socio-emotional skills, leadership and the design of positive life projects through a comprehensive training that is fun, experiential, unconventional and that enjoy collectively. 

What's the score?

This is how we achieve it:

  • Positive changes in students' behavior and school performance.

  • Students aware of the necessary management of their emotions.

  • Strengthening physical, oral and emotional expression. Art becomes a tool to stimulate discipline, confidence, creativity, and teamwork.

  • Stimulate students' interest in learning about different industries and exploring each person's talents to perform professionally.

  • Accompany students in the design of their life projects. 

  • Strengthen the discipline, commitment and inner confidence of students.

  • Improve basic oral and written expression in Spanish.

  • Students with good public speaking skills, expressing their emotions, ideas and life projects.

  • Enjoy cultural rights.

  • Development of creativity and talent for music.

Other lines of work

Luthery Workshop

We train our students in the manufacture and repair of musical instruments using discarded wood to contribute to the environment.

Cultural tourism

In alliance with True Colombia Travel, we offer unconventional (non-mass) tourism experiences, all around music and culture.

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