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Lutherie Workshop


What is it about?

Aligned with our objective of promoting decent work and economic growth, we train our students in the manufacture, maintenance and repair of musical instruments by reusing wood that has been discarded to contribute to the environment.


How do we implement it?

We use wood that has been discarded or recycled from various sources, thus avoiding the need to cut down new trees. These pieces of wood are carefully selected, cleaned and restored to turn them into musical instruments.

When reusing  wood instead of new wood, we reduce the demand for natural resources and reduce the environmental impact associated with cutting down trees. Furthermore, by giving a new life to wood, we promote the circular economy and the responsible use of resources.

All of this is possible thanks to the support of the Angeles Acumen fund, since in 2021 we were winners of seed capital to make this great dream come true.

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The results?

Our luthier workshop not only contributes to the conservation of forests and biodiversity, but also promotes awareness about the importance of sustainability in the production and consumption of goods.
Through this approach, we seek to inspire others to adopt responsible practices and rethink the way we use natural resources in the manufacturing of musical instruments.

Other lines of work

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Amadeus Musical Model

We achieve excellent artistic results in a short time, through collective learning in orchestral and choral environments.

Cultural tourism

In alliance with True Colombia Travel, we offer unconventional (non-mass) tourism experiences, all around music and culture.

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