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Guitarra acustica


"By nature children are music, even, before they are instruments."

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35 years of
social impact

More than

Cultural, social and educational programs created,
including the Medellín Music Schools Network.

More than

Free music schools in the Metropolitan Area of the Aburrá Valley.

More than

Children and young people have been trained in schools, orchestras and choirs.

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We serve children and youth between the ages of 7 and 18. We embrace the innocence of children and youth, challenging the power of criminality and injustice, providing them with powerful and effective tools that unlock their fears, traumas and frustrations, to creatively address the challenges of social poverty in the Metropolitan Area of Medellin (Antioquia-Colombia).


The problem that we
contribute to solve:

High-risk youth are the least likely to receive adequate education to develop their growth mindsets and education to develop their growth mindset and social-emotional skills, which affects how they cope with their own realities and the social-emotional skills, which affects the way they face their own realities and the possibilities of accessing decent employment opportunities.

The lack of a harmonious mental health, the scarcity of positive references, the harmful use of alcohol and drugs has increased among young adolescents, leading to higher and higher school dropout rates, involvement in criminal activities and increased unemployment rates.

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Tierradentro Village Municipality of Bello: In alliance with the Pan Nuestro Foundation, we serve children and young people between the ages of 6 and 18.


Pachelly Neighborhood, Municipality of Bello: In alliance with the Hernán Villa Baena Educational Institution. We serve children and young people between 7 and 20 years old.


Machado Neighborhood Municipality of Bello: In alliance with the San José Work School. We serve more than 200 young men between 14 and 20 years of age, belonging to the System of Criminal Responsibility for Adolescents.

Gracias a ChangeX y la Fundación Lego, nuestro programa de desarrollo socioemocional por medio de la música y el juego Música para ser, crecer y sentir se ha implementado en:


Ibagué, Tolima: Fundación Ángeles de Jesús, 40 niños y jóvenes impactados.

Puerto Colombia, Atlántico: Fundación Movimiento Juvenil Solidario, 20 niños y jóvenes impactados.

Corregimiento Villa Paz, Jamundí, Valle del Cauca: 30 niñas impactadas.

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Our theory
of change

>> 01

Free musical training

free of charge in the territories

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>> 02

Collective learning

and fun by cohorts

>> 03.

Good use of free time, which reduces the risk of reduces the risk of drug use and participation in criminal or harmful activities. 


>> 04

Learning experiences and outside the territory bring together positive social references.

>> 05.

Positive changes in behavior, mentality behavior, growth mindset and school growth and school performance.


>> 06

The groups become safe spaces to support and accompany each other in the design of life projects.

>> 07.

Increasing interest in completing technical and higher education, as well as their potential to access to a decent job.


>> 08

Social, Cultural and Economic, Inclusion of Children is prompted


Daniela Ocampo
Creative and Social Impact Director - Graduated

Luis E. Vélez
Teacher - Graduated

Mauricio Ruiz




The New Image of Medellín for the World

UNESCO |1999

United Nations Development Program

Honorable mention |2001

Exponents of Peace in the World

Valencian Generalitat |1999

The Exemplary Colombian

Newspaper The
Colombian |2003

The Cultural Phenomenon of the Century

Chamber of Commerce
from Medellin |1999

ISO Award
to Social Innovation

University of the Andes |2001

Golden World

El Mundo Newspaper |2004

Acumen Angels Fund

Acumen Fund. |2021

Germán Saldarriaga del Valle Award 2020

Artistic Development Corporation
and Cultural, Rotary Club of
Medellin |2020

Our tour in articles

Our work is recognized in the most important publications on social innovation worldwide thanks to the non-conventional educational strategies we implement to cultivate social-emotional skills through music in communities at high social risk in Antioquia, Colombia.

Our editorial

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We align our efforts with the Sustainable Development


¡Action with purpose!

At Amadeus Foundation, we are proud of the impact we have achieved through our programs for youth and children, in alignment with the SDGs.

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