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Conversation: Building the social fabric through music

  • Modality: Conversation

  • Mentors: Juan Guillermo Ocampo

  • Level: Básico

  • Duration: 45 minutos

  • Project: No

  • Certificate: No

About the course

How is the construction of social fabric achieved? Identify the challenges and strategies that allowed the link between institution and society in the Medellin Music Network.


Knows the strategies implemented in a successful case between music, institutions and society. Recognizes the most frequent challenges in projects that create links between institutions and society. Reflects on the importance of music in the construction of social fabric.

Music that transforms

Music to be, to grow and to feel, that is the central axis of our pedagogical methodology. We cultivate sensitive, musical human beings, aware that their growth will profoundly impact our social context and future generations in an infinite time and space, through their abilities, talents and skills.



Music to be, grow and feel

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  • Modality: Video

  • Mentors: Daniela Ocampo

  • Level: Basic

  • Duration: 30 days

  • Project: Yes

  • Certificate: No

About the course

This educational experience seeks to inspire individuals, communities and organizations to develop a social-emotional training program that uses music and play as a laboratory to practice human skills such as empathy, communication and teamwork, strengthening inner confidence, social leadership and growth mindset in children and youth between the ages of 7 and 16. This program can also be adapted to be applied to youth and adults.


We have created an educational experience to cultivate values and a culture of peace through music and play. "Music to be, grow and feel" is a powerful tool that can be adapted to any age and community, no previous knowledge in music or musical instruments are needed to make it happen. Join us to replicate this initiative!

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