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Developing Yourself Through Music, With Juangui & Daniela Ocampo


Money Loves Women Podcast

Developing youth through music with Juangui and Daniela.

Episode description:

Juangui and Daniela, father and daughter, are dedicated to building bridges of human growth by working with music for vulnerable children in communities at high social risk in Medellín and Bello, Colombia. Juangui, a musician and social entrepreneur, founded the Amadeus Organization, which created programs such as the Network of Music Schools of Medellín and the first Children and Youth Symphony Orchestra of Medellín. Daniela, a Cultural Communicator, has worked at Amadeus for more than 10 years, developing her emotional intelligence and playing the cello in one of the children's and youth symphony orchestras. Together, they seek to provide opportunities for children and youth to cultivate their human, social and artistic creativity, overcoming the paradigms of poverty through music.



Foundry Conversation Podcast Episode 7


Acumen Academy: Foundry Conversations

A transformative youth orchestra in Colombia with Daniela Ocampo and her father.

Episode description:

"Acumen Fellow Daniela Ocampo and her father Juan Guillermo run the Amadeus Foundation, a program that supports at-risk youth in Colombia through music. In this episode, Daniela and Juan Guillermo talk about how playing in an orchestra can help young people build confidence and personal values, as well as why they believe fulfillment is even better than success. Juan also shares the story behind our podcast's music, which he composed for the social entrepreneurs of the world."

¿What is Foundry Conversations?

Foundry Conversations is an initiative created by members of Foundry - Forging Community at Acumen Academy. We talk with leaders like you who are facing the world's biggest challenges today. Together we explore critical issues in their communities, how they are navigating the current complex moment and what Moral Leadership means to them. You'll hear a bit about their inspiring vision for a better world and practical ideas for creating the change that matters most to you.

Music that transforms

Music to be, to grow and to feel, that is the central axis of our pedagogical methodology. We cultivate sensitive, musical human beings, aware that their growth will profoundly impact our social context and future generations in an infinite time and space, through their abilities, talents and skills.

The 2033 Podcast Daniela Ocampo Sánchez: How to Orchestrate Societal Change


The 2033 Podcast

¿Sabías que una orquesta juvenil puede cambiar el futuro de toda una ciudad?

Descripción del episodio:

¿Sabías que una orquesta juvenil puede cambiar el futuro de toda una ciudad? Daniela podría decirte un par de cosas al respecto. No es ajena a la idea de que las generaciones más jóvenes se enfrentan a una dura realidad: nuestras carreras no serán en general tan lineales como las de nuestros padres y abuelos. ¿Cómo podemos seguir aspirando al éxito y permitir el cambio?

En este episodio, escucha la fascinante historia de Daniela Ocampo Sánchez sobre su siempre cambiante definición del éxito, que finalmente le ha permitido recuperar su pasión por la música al ayudar a dirigir Amadeus, una organización que da acceso a los jóvenes a la educación musical en su ciudad natal de Medellín, Colombia, y más allá. Además, Abigail evalúa las habilidades de Tim para pasar de un tema a otro, y Tim nos ofrece una serenata única.

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